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AS5300 Parity Errors

Hello all, I'm having a proble with an AS5300, its running IOS Verision 12.2(13)T1 and it out of no where started getting Shared memory Parity Errors which is causing it to reload constantly over and over until I power it off for a while and power it back it.  This is what it gets right before it starts acting up

*** System received a Shared Memory Parity Error ***
signal= 0x16, code= 0x0, context= 0x61f50e28
PC = 0x603f8f78, Cause = 0x820, Status Reg = 0x34008702

Any Ideas?  I've tried diffrent versions of IOS but make no diffrence.

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Sorry to say, but it sounds like impending hardware failure. You could try reseating the memory modules or replacing them, but most times I find it doesn’t help, and end up sending the unit out for repair. Also if it was an IOS issue, it would have started almost immediately the last time it was updated, and from the sounds of things, this is a recent issue, so changing the IOS is unlikely to help.  
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I guess I'll try replacing the memory and hopefully that'll take care of it.  I'll take a couple of days before I get the memory so I'll update you then.
I have never had any luck doing that, so I'd say it's a long shot, but I have heard of a few people that did, so it does work sometimes.
It was the memory... Thanks