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Firefox draws iframe inside iframe

Hi There,

I have this strange problem on my hands.
Theres this script that I have writen, and at the moment, it works fine in IE, but I need to make it work for FireFox too...
Now what happens is when the user clicks on a link within a iFrame, the iframes content is changed[just info from a JS array] by a javascript function sitting in the parent...

In IE this works fine, the content is cleared and re-writen with no errors, however in FireFox, the whole page is reloaded in the iframe, so theres a iframe in the iframe with the initial content...

this is a snippet of the code im using:

            this.navArea.write( this.writer );
            this.navArea.close( );

where this.navArea = getElementById(myiFrame) [registering this A-OK]
And this.writer is the content to be writen...

now, I have no objections to having to write two versions of this code if necessary [a IE and FireFox version] and I am also aware that generally the .write() function causes a page refresh, but its just strange that it reloads the entire page within itself, where the iframe doesn't start with a src at all... its all dynamically generated once the page has loaded....

Any Ideas?
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Oh, and I wouldn't mind using innerHTML to write the content, only, for some reason I can't get it to write to the iFrame...
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The upper shown snippet cannot work as is, because the write() method is bound to document.write()
Can we see the complette page source?
Or is your page accessible online?
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the page is accessible online.. theres to much code to post...
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Also to simplify your parent page I would write your body tag like this:

<body onLoad="(myNavEdit=new cms_Navigation ( navInfo, 'cms_navDisplay', 'myNavEdit' )).drawLevel('')">

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Excelent, the return false works great...
fine :-)