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Is it possible to upgrade to 2003 a 2K root domain that has a 2K child domain

I have a forest in which the root domain is a 2K (only one 2K server which is the domain controler).
This domain has a child 2K domain.
Both domains are in mixed modes. The child domain DC is also an Exchange 2000 server.
I beleive that the GC is the DC of the root domain.
This is running fine.

I want to install an Exchange 2003 server in the root domain. The Exchange 2003 server will also be a 2003 DC. To do that, I need to upgrade my root domain to 2003 (by running adprep/forestprep and adprep/domainprep).

Is it possible to do ? What are the risks for the child domain?
Thanks for any piece of advice.  And of course, I'm in a rush.
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Yes you can do that, but be careful about moving the forest to full Windows 2003 native mode.

Risks are minimal - this is a standard upgrade path and there are plenty of resources on the MS website about upgrading a forest bit by bit from 2000 to 2003.

Also read the upgrade docs on Exchange 2000 to 2003.


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Thanks to reassure me.
But there is a point that I want to confirm : the 2K DC (and GC) of my root domain will remain with W2K. I just want to upgrade the domain to 2K3 (by running adprep from the 2K3 cd on the 2K DC of my root domain).

It will allow me to install a W2K3 DC in my root domain. I will then install a 2K3 Exchange server in this domain.

On the other hand, is there anything that I need to change or take care of on my child domain (in which everything will stay in 2000 : the domain, the DC as well as the Exchange server).


Your child domain will be fine.  Everything will stay at 2000 with no problems.  Your forest functional level will stay in Windows 2000 mode but that won't cause any problems. -- more info on functional levels.

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great, thanks for these pieces of information, and links.
Last is there any problem if after having ran adprep on my 2000 DC and installed a 2003 one, I decide to move my root domain to a native mode?
This is because I need (second step) to move users from an NT4 trusted domain. And admt needs that the domain is native to be used.