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User breakpoint called from code at 0xc77f813b1... in VC++ 6.0 on exit

Hello World!

I have a CFormView application written in in MFC on VC ++ 6.0. When I run the application in Debug mode, I get stopped when I close the application.

The error is "User breakpoint called from code at 0xc77f813b1" that comes up in a dialog and the stack is deep inside the kernel:

NTDLL! 77f813b1()
NTDLL! 77fb744d()
NTDLL! 77fad09b()
NTDLL! 77fad16e()
NTDLL! 77f9ac03()
KERNEL32! 7c5969c3()
doexit(int 0, int 0, int 0) line 392
exit(int 0) line 279 + 13 bytes
WinMainCRTStartup() line 212
KERNEL32! 7c59893d()

Any ideas on how I can track down the root of this problem?

-- Bubba
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Is doexit one of your functions?
If so, what's on line 392 (and above)?
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None of the stack is mine...

It's almost like it jumps into the middle of nowhere.

-- Bubba

This also shows up in the messages window:

The thread 0x130 has exited with code 0 (0x0).
HEAP[hcwin.exe]: The thread 0x430 has exited with code 0 (0x0).
Heap entry 131fc8 has incorrect PreviousSize field (000c instead of 0000)

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