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Missing DEP tab

Two of my home network's computers, both with the same motherboard, are missing the Data Execution Prevention tab where it's supposed to be (Control Panel>Perf & Maint>System>Advanced>Performance>Settings). I want to make sure it's set to "essential services only" before I update these two pc's to SP2. The cpu's are both AMD Athlon XP, 2000+ and 2200+. Suggestions on how to access this setting or otherwise address the DEP issue before updating to SP2?
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DEP didnt come with XP UNTIL SP2, SP2 puts this nifty new function into XP
He got the answer, just not the one he liked
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that's really poor form, did you not read the above link to my request to close? and who the hell are you to judge me anyway?! i have never and would never try to avoid paying points for the reason you gave. since you apparently find it easier to insult somebody than to get the facts, here's what you missed:

asked by pc-bilder on 01/27/2005 11:22PM MST
"nobody commented and the fix is no longer needed. thanks"

note that the request came *hours before* you posted your comments.
Actually, the poor form comes on your behalf, you should have posted the fact you have resolved the issue yourself prior to requesting a close, I see that you are capable of accomplishing this feat by your other question that you requested a close, if you did not do so, and an correct answer is posted to the board, if this does not sound appropriate, you may find this useful.

More Appropriately;
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oh, i see, so my oversight is excuse for you to not read my post and to automatically take a shot at me
take the lousy points, sounds like this is the reason you waste your time in this joint
hasta la vista experts exchange, and may i add that your experts who spend all day on their computers really deter the rest of us grunts from even trying to help other people, since all we are really interested in is the points, in the end.