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visual basic code delete .bmp files from a directory

dear sir
i have in d:\logo some bmp files , i need a visual basic code that deletes all bmp files from c:\logo and select 1 image.bmp from to copy it to c:\images after a set of time ( 15 minutes ) , the script must select randomly any image from c:\logo each 15 minutes ,

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Is thiis in VBScript or in VB6?
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To delete all the files from a specific folder, you can use :

    Dim file As String
    For Each file In System.IO.Directory.GetFiles("d:\logo", "*.bmp")
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in visual basic 6
the code you gave works fine , but how to copy randomely from a directory a file .bmp and paste it to c:\images
To do a "random copy" every 15 minutes, you will have to use a timer.
eg you can do :

    Dim myTimer As New Timer
    myTimer.Interval = 15 * 60 * 1000 '15 minutes
    AddHandler myTimer.Tick, AddressOf Timer_Tick

each 15 mn, a new event will be raised, and you can handle it to select a random file and copy it where you want :

  Private Sub Timer_Tick(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
    ' Get a random file
    Dim files As String() = System.IO.Directory.GetFiles("mypath")
    Dim myRand As New Random(DateTime.Now.Ticks)
    Dim i As Integer = myRand.Next(0, files.Length - 1)
    System.IO.File.Copy(files(i), "destination path")
  End Sub

Here we will use the DateTime.Now.Tick value to have a real random number in our list which will give us a random file
Oh sorry... that's VB.NET code... if it is for VB6 you will have to translate it a little bit...
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would you please translate it ,
it will take less than a minute with you , but it will take a year with me to do it :D
Sub DeleteBMP(YourfolderPath as string) ' YourfolderPath must contain the "\" at the end
dim F as string
while (f<>"")
     kill f
end sub
Function SelectRandomBmp(Folderpath as string )as string ' Returns the bmp full name, or "" if doesnt exist.
Dim A() as string, i as integer,F as string, J as integer
while (f<>"")
     redim preserve A(i)
if i>0 then
Randomize timer
end if
end function

Its four AM in Argentina, where i am. So, i could miss a point or comma. But i hope it helps.
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Mike Tomlinson
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to copy files
Filecopy "c:\logo", "c:\images"

to delete files
Kill "c:\logo\*.bmp"

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hello idle mind
i created a project and added in it a timer ,
but the code deletes all bmp files from c:\logo , and put only one image in c:\images , while it must do this :
select a bmp file from c:\logo and put it in c:\images , and after 15 minutes it must delete the file from c:\images and select another bmp file from c:\logo until it will select all files ,
So sorry about that...that is actually what you asked for in your original description:

    "i need a visual basic code that deletes all bmp files from c:\logo"

Anyhoo, it's easy enough to fix.  I'll post back later.