(My Documents folder) The properties for this item are not available

huey222 used Ask the Experts™
Looking for help...

Running Windows XP SP2... When I right-click the My Documents folder on the desktop (and the start menu) and select properties, I receive the following error message, "The properties for this item are not available"  However, if I navigate to the My Docs folder in Explorer the properties display properly.

Any ideas?

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Hello huey222 =)

Was this started after applying WinXP SP2?
can you try a sfc scan?
Goto START>RUN and type, cmd  (hit enter)
now type, sfc /scannow  (hit enter)
SFC scan will start scanning ur system
u will need ur WinXP CD in order to fix the corrupted windows system files, if found by scan.

If same problem, then try using another user account, or create a new one, and check there if same problem with the other users too or not! :)


Hello SheharyaarSaahil,

The problem was around BEFORE SP2
I ran sfc /scannow in an attempt to resolve another problem that I am having with IE.  I ran SFC directly from the RUN dialog box and not form the command line (does it matter?).

In any case, the problem persisted after SFC.

It also persists with other user accounts
Have you redirected you folder or is it in the default location?
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To get back the Properties for  My Documents folder, click Start/Run and type:

regsvr32 mydocs



Thanks for that!  Did as instructed and now everything is back to normal!  Thanks again...

Any idea why it happened?  ie, what caused it so that I can avoid it in the future?


Only thing I can suggest is to stay away from registry cleaners. Or, use them with extreme caution :-)


After a bit more reading, I think it probably happened when I was trying to permanently rid myself of the Adobe Ebooks folder.

In anycase... problem solved!  Thanks...

btw... wanna tackle my other (500point) problem?




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