Unable to initialize Windows Sockets interface, error code 0

I have a WinME system that cannot get access to the internet. When it arrived, I found it had RelevantKnowledge spyware on it, but couldn't use the uninstall for it, so I had to manually delete the files associated with that. The system is extremely sluggish, and will not allow me to get on my network for internet access, nor to access my CDs so I can load Adaware, Spybot, etc. If I try to ping my server, I get:

Unable to initialize Windows Sockets interface, error code 0

Searching EE, I found this info, but it's for the wrong OS and doesn't quite work for ME:

When using one of the Microsoft TCP/IP-32 command line utilities (PING.EXE, FTP.EXE, etc.), the following error message appears:
Unable to initialize Windows Sockets interface, error code 0
This error occurs when WSOCK.386 is corrupted or not loaded in memory.
To correct this problem perform the following steps:

   1. Remove the TCP/IP protocol using the Network Setup icon.
   2. Exit Windows for Workgroups. From the command prompt, change to the Windows System subdirectory.
   3. Rename the file WSOCK.386 by typing the following command:

   4. Restart your computer and start Windows for Workgroups. Re-add the TCP/IP protocol using the Network Setup icon and directing Setup to the location of your TCP/IP-32 files. Remove the TCP/IP protocol from Network Setup and then reinstall it. Answer "Yes to All" to replace existing files.

I've already tried removing the TCP/IP stack and restarting, then reloading the TCP/IP, but that didn't do it. I'm sure I need to rename some files to force an overwrite, but I'm not certain which ones. There is no WSOCK.386 on the system. A search for wsock files shows these:


Please remember that at this point I cannot load software via CD or internet, possibly by floppy, but I haven't tried that yet - most programs are too big anyway. So... if I can't find a simpler solution, I'll have to pull the drive and put in another as a slave to clean it up, and I'd rather not do that! (Restoring or wiping is not an option at this point.)

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hoodyAuthor Commented:
WOW! THAT'S FAST!!! Ok, it's small enough, I'll go try it now!
hoodyAuthor Commented:
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That did the trick, I'm on, now I can get busy with cleaning it up! You are awesome!
The above stated link, http://www.bu.edu/pcsc/internetaccess/winsock2fix.html, is no longer accessible or valid.
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