SQL Mail configuration: error 18025 xp_test_mapi_profile: failed with mail error 0x80040111

We have SQL Server 2000 running on two servers. One of those servers can send mail, the other gives an error when I try to configure it. So the account can send and receive mail. We use Exchange 2000, Windows 2000, Outlook 2000.

I log in as systemuser, and then create a new account for Outlook. This seems to work normally. I can find the exchange server and the account of the systemuser. The check for the account works okay. Then I've changed the settings for the services MSSQLSERVER and SQLAGENT. Now they logon as systemuser.

Having done this all, if I go to the server's support services/sql mail/properties and test for the account, I get the above error. The drop down menu is empty. I believe the account should show up here. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here?
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Do you have SP3a installed on both version of SQL Server?  On the server that you receive the error on, are you running any instances?


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grexxAuthor Commented:
I'm not sure about the service pack. The version installed is: Microsoft SQL Server  2000 - 8.00.760 (Intel X86). I've found the following page that says this built number is for service pack SP3 or SP3a.


If I use SELECT SERVERPROPERTY('ProductLevel'), I get SP3 back. This is the same for the working server. Should I try to install SP3a?

About the instances, to be honest, I don't know what you mean. I don't work that much with sql server, I just have to get this working now. We have a pretty simple setup, using only stored procedures, no views etc.
If both version numbers are the same, you're good with SP3a already....

If you go to a command prompt on a computer that has the SQL client tools and your run:


Do you see your two servers, and do any of them have a "\????" where ???? would be an instance name.
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grexxAuthor Commented:
If I run "OSQL -L" I see both server names. I don't see a \ on both names.


grexxAuthor Commented:
I've installed SQL server on a spare server, with SP3a. I've installed Outlook and created a profile as systemuser. Now if I try to test the account, it says "the mapi profile was not found on the server".

For me it doesn't matter whether the old or the new server works, as long as I get one server running. If you can give me both solutions though, I'll double the points, and split the points over the two solutions.
Well, there was a bug with SQL mail if multiple instances were running, but I don't get the impression you're running them

You might have already seen it, but take a gander at the microsoft SQLMail white paper and doublecheck your config:


grexxAuthor Commented:
It turned out that the problem had to do with the Outlook profile name. Now I've figured that out, the test works, so the problem is solved. Thanks for the tips!
grexxAuthor Commented:
I just had the same problem again, on a server that had mail working. Previously this only happened when installing SQL Server. Luckily a system restart solved the problem. I still takes about 30 seconds to a minute for the mail to arrive, but that may be a mail problem. I don't have SP4 installed at the moment.
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