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Winsock and External ip's

Hi everybody...
My winsock app was just working great ... i recently tried to use it in a pc in a lan... having an internal and an external ip adress...  i didnt work... i can see that my winsock control is listening to the internal ip (using Ws,LocalIp) and i understand that that is the reason .... So how do i get a winsock control to listen to a port using the external ip instead ...¿?
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>If your using a router you need to forward the listening ports to your internal IP address.

Its a router... how do i do that ?
Do you know the brand of router?

Most routers now have a web interface which allows ports to be forwarded to a local ip address.  For instance with a US Robotics Router you have a web based setup on its IP address However some must be done via there own applications OR telnet.

You could try typing in your Gateway IP address in Internet Explorer to see if you get a response....

To do this:-
1) Click "Start" and then Click "Run"
2) Type CMD and press OK
(A black window will appear (dos window) and will allow you to type at the prompt)
This will output all the network adapters in your computer along with the IP address and Gateway address, the gateway IP address is the one your after!
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Yeah.. working with a linksys... got it..