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I am in the middle of a Shoretel VOIP implementation. The VOIP phones pull a DHCP address from the main VLAN and then based on the custom scope options (designation of layer2 and  designation of VLAN) the phone reboots and requests an address on the Voice VLAN. If the DHCP server is a member of the Windows 2000 AD domain, the phone receives only the initial DHCP address. If the DHCP server is NOT a member of the domain, the phone is able to complete the process of getting an ip on the Voice VLAN. Does anyone know of a security setting in AD that might be causing the custom scope options to be dropped?
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myth0zConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Can you please give an example of your DHCP settings and explain what do you mean with "custom scope options" ?
I guess I'm missing something :))

- Stamatis
Eddy_BurnettAuthor Commented:
Well, we came across the answer through test. The custom scope options were vendor options required by the phone system. They told the phones where to pick up their boot code, turned on layer 2 dhcp tagging and what VLAN they were assigned to. The phones fire up, pick up their initial dchp address, download the bbot code, reboot, and then boot up in the proper VLAN. It turns out that Microsoft didn't allow the application of the vendor options if the phones and the dcp server were sitting on the same VLAN. If the dhcp server was removed from the domain, everything worked fine woth the phones and dhcp server on the same VLAN. I am not sure why this was a problem unless the combination of sitting on the domain and a hop count of zero is an issue. Anyway, the system is up and working. Thanks for the offer of help Stamatis......

Thanks for the points Eddy.

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