How to I stop spam mail to an non existing mailbox in MS Exchange 5.5

I am running MS exchange 5.5 SP4 server. I get a lot of spam mail to an non existing account:
As the mail administrator all these spams are beeing sent to my account with this message: "The following recipients did not receive the attached mail. Reasons are listed with each recipient:
      MSEXCH:IMS:BancTec:NORWAY:TIGER 0 (000C05A6) Unknown Recipient
The message that caused this notification was:"

How can I get rid of these spam mailes? I don't want to create a post box for this adress, because than the server hard disk will be full in two days.


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You could do this as a workaround:
1. Create a blackhole distribution list.
   A) Create a DL. For example name it blackhole.
   B) DO NOT ADD any members to this DL.
   C) On the email addresses tab, add the email address that the spammer is sending to. Example from above:

You can add other email addresses to this also. What will happen is that any email sent to any address listed in the email addresses tab will be delivered to the members of the DL. Since there are no members in this DL, the message falls into a black hole that does not take up any space on the server.

This is not an ideal solution since it requires you to keep adding email addresses as they arise.

Hope this helps.

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meinangAuthor Commented:
Yes, it helps, but from last weekend my server is beeing attacked with a lot of mail sent to all kind of random names to our domain. There is no way I can add all these names to the SMTP e-mail name. Any idea how I can stop all these mailes? It is about 10 - 20 mailes every hour just now and I have discovered random problems last weeks causing internal and external mail disapearing.


Install a 3rd part spam application.
Several have free trial periods to test them out.
One is GFI Mail Essentials. It has a 60 day trial period.

Symantec also has a product too.

This is just 2 of many. Ask people which one to use and you will get many different answers.
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