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HELP on transparent window(UpdateLayeredWindow)!

I try to create a layered window with some common controls on it, like a
button or an edit box.
The problem is that i use UpdateLayeredWindow to give a bitmap with alpha
transparency to my main window. And this is everything I see. My child
controls are not painted.
how can I use some common controls ("BUTTON", "EDIT", etc) or even other
more complex like a html view or other activx control?
Is there a way to force them to paint themselfs in a given DC? Or maybe to
make them ignore the fact that their parent is a layered window?

Please help me with a solution or someting!
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1 Solution
hello holer , , As far as I have read about, and used the  UpdateLayeredWindow( ) function, it does not seem to me, to be meant to do what you are asking for, . . ..  I have used  UpdateLayeredWindow for Layered window Fades , , and layered window animations, , , but if you draw on your form with  UpdateLayeredWindow( ) the system will not show any controls or child windows, only the Bitmap (I used a bitmap for mine) in the DC will be visible, even if you place another window in front and then put your form in front (have the system repaint it). As I understand it, this sort of overdraw was done on purpose, for animations or fades. . . so the alpha-blend bitmap will be shown without any child windows interfering with your animation,
When I used UpdateLayeredWindow for a form fade in, I had to call the  SetLayeredWindowAttributes( ) function to get my controls to show and "Normal" semi-transparent layered window painting behavior to start, with out the call to SetLayeredWindowAttributes( ), all I will ever see is the last paint by the  UpdateLayeredWindow( ) function.

Are you trying to do an animation or fade?
you may can get some more help here at EE if you can state what you are trying to do . . . .
the effect or visual "Look" you want to get

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