how do i open ports -speedstream 2624 router

wierd question i think for you pros out there... but i really dont know very well... i was able to use virtual servers to open ports for p2p program... like shareaza... but thats cause it says use tcp/udp ports 6364 ... so i just go into my router menu... and select tcp/udp and type the number in... and save... done.

but i want to play on online game... that asks me to do the following....

make sure that the following ports are open in your router/firewall:

TCP: 40000 - 42999
UDP: 41005

Outgoing port 49001/49002
Incoming is client dependant

Ingoing port is 49001/49002
Outgoing is client dependant (usually set by the OS automatically)

I dont know what all that means!  nor do i know how to set it!  can anyone help?  i went to virtual servers and selected just TCP... but then it says internal and external ports... but NOTHING for a range.... (it says 40000 - 42999... so that is a range right????)

yeah... i am just confused.  please help

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I believe you want the screen right before the virtual servers.  I'm having to do this from memory but have set up about 3 2624's in the past year.  What you are looking for is called port forwarding.  I will check on a Siemens 2-port router I have set up accross town...if I remember right the setup screens are very similar.  Be back in a bit!
I don't think your hardware will let you enter in ranges.

One thing that should work tho is the following -

udp 41005 forwarded to your pc
tcp 40000 forwarded to your pc.
tcp 49001 fowarded to your pc.

because ranges are usually there so that if one port doesn't work it can escalate to another which usually isn't necessary.
alenknightAuthor Commented:
ummm.fixnix... if you can check i would appreciate... cause the screen above ... is "upgrade"

  i will try kooroo's approach now....
I goofed...I was mixing up the Virtual Server screen with the "Special Applications" screen which on the 2-port one I checked was the next screen after Virtual Servers.

Kooroo's suggestion should work.  Sorry for adding unneccesary confusion.  I wish Siemmens would just call port forwarding port forwarding instead of "Virtual Servers" ;)

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alenknightAuthor Commented:
thanks for all the help... yep... that worked..oh... ouch.. i clicked the wrong user... kooroo should get those points... (i use a paid accoutn with unlimited points... so... i will repost this question kooroo... please just copy the answer and paste it... then... i will award the points... tomorrow wheni wake up... its 3 am here... now... sorry...
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