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I am able to access, send, and recieve files from my FTP server while I'm at school (via command-line or FTP client, not IE).  The other day, my friend and I were transferring files from our respective personal schoolwork drives via "put"ing them first to the server at home, and then "get"ing them on the other computer.  I was wondering if there was a way to skip the middle step, i.e. send the files directly from computer to computer through my home computer, but without the file having to be completed in its transfer to my home computer first.  It would be like using my home computer as an intermediary between two other computers.  I hope this makes sense, and that there is a way.  Thanks for your time.
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One of your systems (you or your friend) would have to be running an FTP server.  There are some free ones you can download and try  -  see http://osswin.sourceforge.net/#server - Also, IIS (PWS) is available for XP Pro and 2000 (if you use either) and that has a built in FTP server you would just have to configure.

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or even easier get a gmail account and email the files accross or use your ipod!/memory stick
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