HTML e-mail double .. in URL string

I forwarded an html e-mail to a user whom then forwarded it off to our user group - what's odd is that some of the URL links have two .. after them example: 

instead of: 

which is how they are in the e-mail.

Is this an outlook problem possibly going from html to rich text?

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Shouldn't be.  But to clarify:

1.  Did all the URLs arrive correctly when sent from you to user?

2.  Did the same URL have extra period for all recipients of group user re-forwarded to, or was this a problem only for some of the recipients in the group?
dylanoneAuthor Commented:
1) Yes - they look fine!  

2) It appears it was a problem with some of the recipients!

Maybe they were using some other e-mail besides OutLook - possibly Outlook Express, Eudora etc - I don't know - all I know is what I sent looks fine - all the links work but some users are compailing that the links don't work and when I got a hold of one of the e-mails it clearly has two ..

Hmmm, since the problem seems to occur between the time it was forwarded by the 2nd person and when it was received by the group members, it might be a bit difficult to troubleshoot.  Do you have access to the machine that forwarded your message?

If so I'd first suggest looking in the sent items folder and see if there was an extra "dot" there.  If not, I'd recommend forwarding it to your machine to verify it comes through ok there.

Another thought is to make sure that the message didn't get forwarded as "plain text" even though it was originally HTML.  Either the forwarder might have the option to send all messages to the Internet as plain text, or might have configured specific contacts to have mail sent to them as plain text.  If so ordwrap might have caused a problem like the one mentioned here : where the receiving server tries to recontruct the message but isn't using the same method as the sender.  If possible it would be great to know if everyone who got the bad URL with 2 dots was on the same mail server, which might give a little credance to this theory.

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