Different Fonts in a list box

In Visual Studio using vb for ASP.net:

In the list box for a particular line, I have variables with values to display. I want to display the value sVisited "Yes" as a check mark using the wingdings 2 font capital P and for sVisited "No" as a cross mark using the wingdings 2 font capital O. The rest of the values I want to leave them as their normal font so lets say Verdana. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

If sUsers.Contains(UserID) Then
                            sVisited = "Yes"
                            sVisited = "No"
                        End If
                        topicName.Add(sVideo & sImage & sFlash & sAudio & sVisited & "|     " & adoReader("ExerciseName"), adoReader("ExerciseID") & "-" & adoReader("Rating"))
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praneethaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i don't think you can do that..it keeps the font of whole textbox same thing...you can change the bgcolor of those things if u want


that to by using <select of html and making it runat=server
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