Routing between two windows domains over a VPN using RRAS service


I am trying to setup a VPN connection over the internet between two windows domain using only the Routing and Remote Access (RRAS) service.

Domain 1 has an IP Range of 10.10.1.x / Subnet

Domain 2 has an IP Range of 10.10.10.x / Subnet

I have successfully established a vpn between the two sites however when I try to ping a host on either side from a machine other than the one hosting the RRAS service then the routing fails. I created a static router at both sides to say any traffic for / route to Domain1 and any traffic for / route to Domain2 however this only seems to work for the machines hosting the vpn service on either side.

I would be grateful for any help on this matter.

Many thanks,

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brakk0Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Your subnet on domain 1 is overlaping the subnet on domain 2 / includes evereything from through

What is happening is clients on domain 1 are trying to talk to domain 2, but because of the subnet they think the IP is local so it doesn't send it to the gateway.

You will either have to change the subnet on domain 1 ( or if you need more than 254 IPs) or change the ip range on domain 2
rhedleyAuthor Commented:
OK great, thanks for clearing up the confusion for me :-)
Or you can set a static route on every machine in domain 1. (you will have to do this anyway if the RRAS boxes aren't your gateways to the internet.
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