Lotus Notes 6.02/Blackberry Desktop Manager 3.6

One of my users has a pc running Windows XP Tablet Edition, on a T1000 tablet pc, with a brand new Blackberry 7510 (Cingular) using Research In Motions desktop manager software version 3.6.  Our e-mail system is Lotus Notes, and we are on version 6.02 now.  Am getting nsd errors (IBM log dump errors) when trying to synchronize her handheld device.  It crashes when it is trying to synchronize tasks portion to the computers Desktop Manager software.  Here is one of the log files.  I have deleted the cache.ndk, refreshed/replaced template files, deleted temp files, ran numerous spyware scans etc.  Here is one of the dumps below.  Can anybody help.  It would be deeply appreciated.  

search path: .;C:\WINDOWS
NSD Version     : 3.00
Memcheck Version: MEMCHECK Version (4.20) for Lotus Notes Release 6.0.2CF2 (July 23, 2003)
Host Name       : ******
User Name       : ******
Date            : Mon Feb 21 13:08:31 2005
Windows Dir     : C:\WINDOWS
Arguments       : "C:\notes\nsd.exe" -dumpandkill -termstatus 1
Notes Version   : Release 6.0.2CF2 July 23, 2003
OSVersion       : Windows XP 5.1 (Build 2600), PlatID=2, Service Pack 2 (1 Processor)

INFO (0): Using NSD profile C:\WINDOWS\notesnsd.ini
inst C:\notes\data already added
INFO (0): Found 3 Notes processes, matched 3
inst C:\notes\data already added
INFO (0): Using NSD profile nsd.ini
inst C:\notes\data already added

-> Instance# 1 : (current)
                Ini File   : c:\notes\notes.ini
                Data Dir   : C:\notes\data
                Prog Dir   : C:\notes
                Notes Build: Release 6.0.2CF2 July 23, 2003            
            Proc List:
                  C:\notes\NLNOTES.EXE (d54)
                  C:\notes\ntaskldr.EXE (e14)
                  C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\DesktopMgr.exe (cc4)
DBG(0d34) 13:08:38
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Process Table @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Active Users:
 UID     Name
    0  SYSTEM

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Reinstall Notes and IntelliSync.  Possibly try with a different mail file.

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NoreiiAuthor Commented:
I'm going to do that Monday, when you say mail file, which one do you mean?  I'm also going to rename the names.nsf, and replace the *.id file with a new one generated from our Domino server.  Also going to rename the bookmark.nsf to bookmark.old.  I'll update this when I start to work it again.  Any other ideas are welcomed.  Have had problems with this device(s) in the past.  Don't want to start with the uninstall/re-install every time.  Also have deleted the qnc.exe (rebooted), and put the nlnotes.exe into compatibility (turn off advance text services mode).  
NoreiiAuthor Commented:
It was a corrupt tasks in her Notes mail file.  
NoreiiAuthor Commented:
This question can be closed the above statement is the solution.
Would be interested in how you fuond teh corrupt task, and what was corrupt about it, and how yuo resolved it.  Was it just a trial-and-error search?  Did you just delete the document? How did you know it was corrupt?
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