Get list of WebCams in the system

Hi Experts

How can I get the list of webcams or the video sources installed in the system. I tried capGetDriverDescription, but its only giving me "Microsoft WDM Image Capture Driver". I actually need the list of cams, like in VideoGrabber component.

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with directshow you can use the ICreateDevEnum interface ...
this is taken from DSPack - (which I suggest you use :))

  procedure TSysDevEnum.GetCat(catlist: TList; CatGUID: TGUID);
    SysDevEnum : ICreateDevEnum;
    EnumCat    : IEnumMoniker;
    Moniker    : IMoniker;
    Fetched    : ULONG;
    PropBag    : IPropertyBag;
    Name       : olevariant;
    hr         : HRESULT;
    i          : integer;
    if catList.Count > 0 then
      for i := 0 to (catList.Count - 1) do if assigned(catList.Items[i]) then Dispose(catList.Items[i]);
    CocreateInstance(CLSID_SystemDeviceEnum, nil, CLSCTX_INPROC, IID_ICreateDevEnum, SysDevEnum);
    hr := SysDevEnum.CreateClassEnumerator(CatGUID, EnumCat, 0);
    if (hr = S_OK) then
      while(EnumCat.Next(1, Moniker, @Fetched) = S_OK) do
          Moniker.BindToStorage(nil, nil, IID_IPropertyBag, PropBag);
          PropBag.Read('FriendlyName', Name, nil);
          ACategory^.FriendlyName := Name;
          if (PropBag.Read('CLSID',Name,nil) = S_OK) then
            ACategory^.CLSID := StringToGUID(Name)
            ACategory^.CLSID := GUID_NULL;
          PropBag := nil;
          Moniker := nil;
    EnumCat :=nil;
    SysDevEnum :=nil;

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Imthiyaz_phAuthor Commented:
Thankyou for replying, Lee.

I have used windows AVICap api to capture images, instead of DirectShow to reduce dependencies and the size of the executable. Is there any way to get the list without using DirectShow ?
humz .. I don't think I could do that with vfw ..
you did an enum like:

while capGetDriverDescription(LIndex, buf, bufLen, nil, 0) do

I think the problem is in the drivers
cap* functions don't support WDM devices .. instead there's a vfw-wdm mapper that handles this

anyway I chose DS over vfw for the possibilites it ofered compared to vfw .. easines of implementation, practicaly unlimited options :)

vfw is here only because of compatibility with windows 3.x apps !!! windows 95 already included first DirectShow impls. under the name ActiveMovie
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Imthiyaz_phAuthor Commented:
Thankyou Lee. I finally decided to use Directshow itself using DSPack. Using your code, i was able get the list of cams, but they cannot be used with vfw apis, as those api require the index of the driver and in my case there is only one driver.

I downloaded DSPack and they are using DirectX 9. We have Dx9 installed on most of our systems. Will there be compatiblity issues when running the app in a system with Dx8 or Dx7 ?
I don't think so .. it depends which interfaces you're using
if you want VMR9 you'll need DX9 .. otherwise it shouldn't be a problem
the capture and other related interfaces were already in activemovie
Imthiyaz_phAuthor Commented:
I tested a demo app in Dx9 and Dx8, its working fine, but it failed in an old machine with Win98 + Dx6. Since most of our clients will be using Win2k/XP, I think we might not have any compatibility issues. One again, thank you for the support.
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