Emails dragged from Outlook 2003 to system folder cannot be read by users of earlier Outlook


We have a company policy of storing email in shared folders on our server along with other project documentation such as Word and Excel documents.  We do this by simply dragging the email out of Outlook and dropping it into the folder in Windows Explorer.  When users want to read those emails they simply double click on them just like any other document.  But we have found that emails dragged from Outlook 2003 cannot be read by users with Outlook 2002 or previous installed.  We have a long term plan to bring all our copies of MS Office to the latest version but I cannot do that immediately.  Does anyone know a way around this problem?


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kaur_dilpreetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a suggestion. Instead of saving them as *.MSG files in Windows explorer. Save the emails in a Public Folder and you can create a shortcut for the same in Windows Explorer. That way, everyone can access all the emails in the Public Folder from their Outlook.
Delegate the task of copying the emails to some poor secretary who will be the last person upgraded to Outlook 2003.

Better still, delegate it to the person who insists on storing email messages as external files :-)
They can also save as text-only.

Kaur_dilpreet's suggestion should work.  We have public Outlook folders (made on the Exchage server) where anyone can drop messages into and everyone can view.

Here are a couple web sites addressing permissions on Exchange, etc.:,289142,sid43_gci1025495,00.html

adewarAuthor Commented:
Hi All

That's great, thanks for your posts.  But we do not want to use Public Folders, we want to use a system folder.  Is there any way to get previous versions of Outlook to read the Outlook 2003 messages?

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