Mouse Stutters...

I'm running Windows ME.

Upon startup of the computer AND/OR the computer game, Half-life2, the mouse cursor stutters and/or stops momentarily (30 - 60 seconds...sometimes a little longer).  The stuttering/stopping of the mouse cursor has happen with the opening of other programs as well.

Here are the results for dxdiag:

DDraw Test Result: Failure at step 7 (User verification of fullscreen bouncing): HRESULT = 0x00000000 (error code)
D3D7 Test Result: All tests were successful.
D3D8 Test Result: All tests were successful.
D3D9 Test Result: All tests were successful.
Direct3D 7 test results: All tests were successful.
Direct3D 8 test results: All tests were successful.
Direct3D 9 test results: All tests were successful.

What I noticed when I run dxdiag:  There's a test that ask if I observed a bouncing object (a square).  I answer "no."  I do, however, see a bouncing object (square), but there's another object of some sort (like a shadow of the square) bouncing (to the right) with it. (I hope I described it well enough for you!)

Someone please tell me what I can do to prevent my mouse cursor from stuttering and sticking.
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FalconHawkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"Someone please tell me what I can do to prevent my mouse cursor from stuttering and sticking."

Simple. it is no directx problem. the mouse doesnt stutter because there is a fault, but because there is simply no memory availible for it at some time. When ou launch HL2, a lot of memory has to be allocated for the game. this uses so much CPU cycles and memory usage, that the mouse simply cant be drawn smoothly. a mouse is continuesly sending its whereabouts when its moves, causing windows to draw it there. however, when windows is busy, it wont take all the movements that are in the buffer, but just the last one, making it seem stuttering. if its even more busy, the mouse movement isnt drawn yet, making it seem to stick to the surface.

How to get this away? the best way is to get more RAM memory, or to increase the amount of paging memory (space on your harddisk, that acts like it was memory). it isnt a real bad problem, since the buffer for the mouse always keeps the last position till someone (windows) gets it out of there.

"User verification of fullscreen bouncing"
This is no error, this is just because you said you didnt see it.
Agree with FalconHawk.

This also happens with a couple of my machines too, particularly if running 256Mb memory on XP. Also noticable when Sophos anti-virus kicks in for a daily scan, or perhaps running some background tasks. It's even worse when you visit an internet site which loads the Java virtual machine. Mouse becomes very juddery.

Perhaps try disabling a few things to free up some memory / disk usage / processor - of buy a couple of big slabs of memory.

I agree with cbamccormick  who agrees with FalconHawk....

I 'd also like to add that it might be the mouse ....
Mine did that before it broke down...

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Try reinstalling DirectX.
Comment from babak_91
Try reinstalling DirectX.

DirectX isnt the problem. the error code DDraw Test Result: Failure at step 7 (User verification of fullscreen bouncing): HRESULT = 0x00000000 (error code). just tells that the user said he didnt see the bouncing square. the Hresult confirms this.

More ram really is the only solution, apart from increasing paging memory.
As pointed out by me and other experts, the only solution is more RAM or paging memory. There isnt any other solution, since a computer needs loading time. This is just a minor annoyance, and everyone has it.

I would recommend to eigther reward the points, or NO REFUND, because the question asked is answered. What the asker DOES with the answer is his own problem, the answer is the only one we(i) can give.
goodallknightAuthor Commented:
I don't think I need more RAM.  It has never done this before.  I've reformatted the hard drive so there's less stuff on it than before.  I haven't installed anything....So I don't know what it could be.
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