Alerting a main application form that a user setting has been changed

Hi experts,
  I am writing an application using MS Visual C# Express Beta, that has a modeless configuration form so that the user can change various application settings.  These settings modify the state of the values contained in ''.
  Is there any way to alert the main form to any changes that have been made to the user settings so that it can change its behaviour of say the com port used for the serialPort class?
  By the way I would describe myself as a relative beginner to C#.Net

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using System;
/*Ok for this u have to use events . If u dont know what they are
 * I'll try to eplain to u a little bit .First of all there
 * are three componets in programming event driven apps.
 *First ---is  of them is YourEventArgs (the arguments passed by
 *your event)
 *Second---is the event handler (wich is a delegate)
 *Third --- is the actual event
 *OK let's start
namespace Proj
      public class CustomEventArgs:EventArgs //always must derive from
      {                                                            //this base class
            public CustomEventArgs(string type_OfChange,string value_ofch)
            {//the class constructor
                  this.type_change = type_OfChange;
                  this.value_change= value_ofch;
            public readonly string type_change,value_change;
            //they must be readonly so that they can only be read
      public delegate void CustomEventHandler(CustomEventArgs args);
      //we defined our delegate = pointer to a function (in c++)
      public class Test//:Form
            //let's say this is the Form class u're gonna use
            //u're gonna define a custom event like this
            public event CustomEventHandler EventYouWaitFor;
            public Test()
            public void TheGuyCheckedTheBox()
                  OnCustomEvent(new CustomEventArgs("BlackCheckBox","Checked"));
            //Now we're gonna make the function that fires the event
            protected void OnCustomEvent(CustomEventArgs args)
                  if(EventYouWaitFor != null)

      public class Tester
            public static void Main(String[] args)
            //ok now we test app
                  Test tst = new Test();
                  tst.EventYouWaitFor += new CustomEventHandler(doOnEvent);

                  //Now when the guy presses the checkbox u get the values
                  // I already put them for u in the function
            //and voila the result
                  // U really must read a little bit about delegates and events
                  // they are scary but they are easy to understand


            public static void doOnEvent(CustomEventArgs args)

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