Error With Custom Component Installation

Two-part question:

I built a new component in Delphi, which works great and installs perfectly there.

I moved it over to my C++Builder (6, with update pack 4 installed) LIB folder.  The first time I built the new "dclusr" package, it built and installed fine and the component worked well.

Then I made an update to the component in Delphi.  No problems there.

Again, I moved it over to the C++Builder LIB folder and re-opened the dclusr package, so I could rebuild it.  I got 29 error messages, similar to the following:

[Linker Error] Unresolved external '__fastcall Outline::TCustomOutline::~TCustomOutline()' referenced from C:\PROGRAM FILES\BORLAND\CBUILDER6\LIB\BCBSMP.LIB|.\cdiroutl.cpp

With some searching in google, I found that I had to hand-edit the BPK file and remove the "bcbsmp.lib" from the source (found TWICE...both must be removed).  This works, but only for ONE-SHOT.  I find that this reference is added back in EACH TIME I open and close the project, so I have to hand-edit the BPK file before opening the project EACH TIME, if I need to rebuild it.

So...the first part of my question is...can that be solved?

The second part of my question is...In trying to fix the above, I ended up removing my component from the dclusr package and putting it into it's own NEW package (still exhibits the same behavior described above).  However, now when I attempt to re-compile the dclusr package, I get the following error:

[Linker Error] 'C:\PROGRAM FILES\BORLAND\CBUILDER6\PROJECTS\LIB\DCLUSR.LIB' contains invalid OMF record, type 0x00

I haven't found any solutions to this.  I cannot even compile my old apps any longer, getting the same error message.

What the heck happened?

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George TokasCommented:
The problem you have is VERY usual when you move components from Delphi to BCB... I use only BCB and have the same problems....
The only solution I found is when I have to install a new component creating a new bpl and source files to RE-compile all the code before I install....
So.. IMHO remove the component from dclusr and make a new bpl.... I think it will be easier for you to do the modifications needed.

jim_kernAuthor Commented:
I've already tried is in it's own BPL now, and not only do the (TCustomOutline...) problems still occur, but the dclusr.lib file will also no longer link, so BOTH are broken.

Still at a stand-still with this...anyone else out there with a solution before I spend my money on Borland tech support?

George TokasCommented:
First of all you have to restore to the original dclusr.lib....
AFTER that and WHEN BCB works as before try my proposal...
This way I'm working many years now... BUT to install a Delphi component took me a good amount of time before the component works fine...
As for TCustomOutline the only thing needed is to add the library to work... I had that when trying to compile Indy for BCB5....


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