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Website Problems

Ok this is a good one.  For some reason I cant get to www.buckley1.com from work anymore or from my brothers place. Everybody I ask out of state (Pa) can get to my site. Also using just the IP to rule out DNS also failes. Public DNS will resolve the name just fine.

Also related or not. I cant get to my Companys webmail. But I can get it from my brothers. At home I get the internal server error or dns server.

ANybody got some ideas?
1 Solution
yep, check the hosts file
in xp
open in notepad, and remove all but   localhost
Perhaps your company is using some type of web content filtering and has "black-holed" your web site from work. It may be listed as objectionable by the likes of WebSense, SurfControl or iPrism.
That could explain why you can't get your webmail from the company either. Since your brother does not host the web site, his ip address is not blacklisted.
The only thing that won't explain is why you can't get to your website from your brother's place. His home, or his place of work?
Hi trimixdiver,
Ping the ip address.
telnet to port 80 and the ip address

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trimixdiverAuthor Commented:
Ok this is weird. I was going to use ISA 2004 as a replacement for my zywall. SO i had it just sitting on my network so I can configure it. But I just installed it and left it sit after I did the updates. I turned off the ISA box and baam! No more problems!!!! Why would ISA sitting on my LAN do this. It was just connected to the internal interface.

It's a little thing called Proxy ARP that firewalls (any type, including ISA) employ to make nat work, but can wreak havoc on networks if you're not aware of them.

Did you install the firewall client on your network clients? That would cause problems. ISA also has an option to autoconfigure proxy settings in IE which could cause you problems.

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