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Maximise throughput of Two data T1s

Our company has one data T1 going through a Cisco 1721 router to a PIX 506e to the Catalyst switches.  Everything is working fine but we have grown enough that one T1 will not handle the amount of internet traffic that we have.  What will be needed to add another data T1 to the picture.  Can I just add another WIC-1DSU-T1 to the router, configure it for the second WIC card and hope everything works fine from there.
1 Solution
As long as you get the 2nd T1 from the same provider, then it can be just that simple. Put another WIC-1DSU-T1 in the router, enable dual same-cost defaults and away you go.
However, the 1721 is OK for a single T1, you might want to think about upgrading to a 2600 for duals, depending on what else you're doing with it. If you don't have any acls or nat or firewall feature set on the router, you should be OK.
Additionally, increasing the bandwidth will potentially double the load on the PIX. Depending on how many users you have, you may not get the boost that you expect.
<50 users - you should be OK
>50 users - definately think about upgrading to PIX515e and 2600 router.
There are several different scenarios for distributing load over multiple ISP connections.  Some are simple and straightforward, others provide better failover, but are more complicated and (a) require coordination with (or assistance from) your ISP, and (b) may tax the resources of your current router.

You can get good general advice here, but you shouldn't be the first customer of your ISP to do this, and so your ISP should be able to advise you about which scenarios they can support.

pcsonwheelsAuthor Commented:
It looks like the T1 providers have supplied their own routers an adtran and a vina box.  They are both from eschelon.  Can I take the T1s right from the csu/dsu and run them into a cisco 1721 router with dual WIC's.  Then have the ethernet line connect to the PIX 506e.  And hopefully the Cisco 1721 will handle load balancing.


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