Web Editing of Document with File Upload Control

Right now, I have a document which I would like users to edit over the web, and that's working fine. The document also has a file upload contol, though.

When the document goes into edit mode, if there has been an attachment uploaded, the option to "Mark attachment for deletion" appears.

Is there any *simple* way to prevent this option from appearing when the document is in edit mode? (I don't want users to be able to delete attached files, just edit a different part of the document).

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sravikiranConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use the HTML Tag <noscript> as passthru HTML on the last row of the form. Everything that follows this tag will be hidden from web clients. This works since V2 Style file attachments always appear at the bottom of the document.

In your case, you just want to hide the attachments only in edit mode. You want to show the attachments in read mode.

So, click anywhere in the row where you typed <noscript> and hide this row in edit mode (using text properties box)

Hope this helps
kkiddieAuthor Commented:
Brilliant, cheers.
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