Small Call Back Script Need For Software


I am looking for a small script which can used as a call back script meaning, I should know where my script is running like, IP Address and domain name.

Is there anyway anyone can please write me a small script. Also please suggest how should I know that where my script is running .

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This can't be done with PHP because your script is running on your server...

If you want to know who browsing your page, then you need some client side scripting
(not enough to query the browser IP on server side because might visitor is browsing through proxy...)
to do a quick and dirty answer


this will show you alot of data about the current page and its location and of yourself
YOUR ip address etc
all you need to do is save the information you would like to see as an administrator in a file or database
e.g. at the top of each page you add a new row in a database table called 'visits'

id - integer(11), autonumber
date - integer(11)
ip - varchar(50)
host - varchar(200)

in the php page query your db
insert into visits(date, ip,host) values (time(),$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'],$_SERVER['REMOTE_HOST'])

each user that visits a php page with this code in will generate a record in your visits table, so you can see who visits your pages and when

it is advisable to auto-clean the table as it will generate alot of record fairly quicly.
so it might be a good idea to do a delete from table where date < e.g. a week ago each pagevisit

you can create the necessary code-number for the date 'a week ago' using the mkdate() function of php

for a full list of values in the $_SERVER variable:

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