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EASY POINTS!! Cisco 2600 series Router Advice

Hey everyone... I am looking to buy a cisco 2600 series router for personal use(probably gonna use ebay). I don't want to make a bad decision so i'm lookin for some advice. Here is my current setup........ISP(6meg down cable modem) to VOIP gateway to linksys router to switch(linksys router was full so i had to expand.... All running on 10/100 fast ethernet) I currently have 7 computers on the network and serveral connections throughout the house (for xbox and playstation). I have been looking around and i keep on seeing routers that have a 10baseT ethernet. I don't want to loose the 10/100 connection so i'm looking for a router that has a dual 10/100 ethernet port.... for a switch i am going to buy a cisco 2950 12 port switch.... Can anyone recomment a specific model or maybe point one out to me on ebay??

Thanks for the help in advance!!!
1 Solution
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
Why do you want a 2600?

For what you're doing, the Linksys is the most practical router. Since your internet connection is 6mbps, using a link faster than 10mbps will not result in any performance improvement.

Is there some feature that you're looking for that is not available with the Linksys you currectly have?

Look for a model with "1" as the last character, ie. 2611, 2621, 2651
That designation means that it has 2 Ethernet ports
2611 = 2x 10Mb only
2621 = 2x10/100
2651 = 2x10/100

If you find an "XM" model, it has eXtra Memory and is a better buy because you can experiment more with it, upgrade the IOS, add features, etc without spending a bundle for memory upgrades.

As Don pointed out, it does not matter if you have 10Mb because your cable is only 6Mb, so the router between the 100Mb switch and the cable modem does not need to be 100Mb capable.
You can actually thank all those whom replaced their 261X routers that think since their LAN runs at 100M, they need a router with a 100M interface. It’s why eBay has so many of those routers for sale so cheap. The honest truth is, you could have a gig interface to the LAN, but if you internet connection is 1 meg, that is all the throughput you will get to the internet, as the slowest link, which is the internet connect, brings everything down to it’s speed when they use it’s connection. 100M is fine for computers on the LAN, but unless you have an internet connection that is over 10M, all you need is a 10M interface to connect your LAN to the Internet.    
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I agree that a 1 Mbps internet connection won't need a 100 Mbps LAN connection, but I would disagree somewhat for this case and think there will be benefit from a 100 Mbps router.  If there are 7 devices contending for a 10 Mbps ethernet connection to the router, they could have problems utilizing the full 6 Mbps Internet pipe.  

Follow lrmoore's advice  and go with a 26X1 router, preferably an XM model.

As for the Cisco 2950, if all you want is the switching capability, you can get a lot better deal with either an older Cisco model (3500XL series, for example) or with a netgear switch with 10/100 capability.

If you want to play with IOS on an entry-level switching platform, then the 2950 is a good choice, but don't buy it if you just need 100 Mbps ports - you won't see a difference.
every1isevilAuthor Commented:
i'm getting this so i can get used the the cisco IOS... I am also using it to practice for my ICND part of the CCNA(already passed the intro)... I was looking to get the 100M connection because i want it to be ready to handle more if i upgrade my bandwidth to over 10meg.

Thanks for the help guys.

Answering Don's question:

Linksys doesn't have access list and QOS capabilities along with the Cisco IOS.(which is what i am looking for)
every1isevilAuthor Commented:
But... I am going to have to give the points to Irmoore because he answered the question "Can anyone recomment a specific model" the best. Thanks to everyone else for the support.

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