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Asus WL-HDD as an Access Point


    I am interested in getting the following piece of hardware for a few reasons and am wondering whether a particular scenario is possible. it is a hard drive enclosure that allows NAS storage.


   What I am wondering (from anyone that has one or that understands a fair bit about wireless and can tell from the product page) is:

   a) Can I plug this into my LAN via an existing router and from that share my internet connection to my PDA?
   b) I read somewhere that you once the device is configured for wireless, you can no longer access it via the wired network, is this true?
   If b) is true then I would look at putting wireless gear into all machines and using solution from a) so b does not matter as such.

 Any help in this regard would be great appreciated, thanks in advance
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I don't know this device, but from reading the spec you can use this as a wired or wireless hard drive. To use the wireless function you would need a wireless access point or a wireless router.

The Asus box is a wireless client (if your PDA is wireless too then it is also a wireless client). Both devices could connect by wireless to your existing network if you had a wireless access point or a wireless router. With this arrangement any device, wired or wireless could access the Asus hard disk.

In short the Asus can connect to an wireless access point or wireless router OR by ethernet cable to your existing network, in both cases the Asus would be accesable from the rest of your network.

Few things the WL-HDD is an Access Point. So there is no need to purcahse a second Access Point in order for it to work. Essentially you can purchase the device, install the hard drive, plug a patch cord into the RJ-45 port which then could connect directly to local network via hub or switch or Internet router. Then all computers connected to the hub or switch can access the device via the wired network while you connect to the device via the Wireless Access Point. The device also can act just as a wireless client if you already have an Access point in place.

Look at the device as having multiple paths to get to it. Just beacuse you are using one way does not render the other useless.

Kindest regards,

Apologies having read other specs than the one listed this unit can be used as either a wireless client or a wireless access point.

The forum for this piece of kit is http://forum.chupa.nl/forumdisplay.php?f=66 if these guys get hold of the firmware for these units then expect it to be able to perform cartwheels :-) their firmware for my Asus router is way better than the official Asus one.
aitexpertsAuthor Commented:
While I accepted the answer from Joel I just wanted to thank snerkel for that excellent link!



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