3.2 GHz P4 Extreme CPU Fan Noise - Why? HELP!

Posted on 2005-02-26
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Last Modified: 2013-11-10
I have an HP 3 GHz P4 in my office running double lcd panels and can run a dozen ap's with almost no noise period.

Now to the real problem - I have a 3.2 Intel P4 (it's not the extreme chip though-the question title meant extreme noise not chip) Thermaltake with Asus MB at home and I hate the damn thing. I have a server rack that holds 6 servers and this thing makes as much noise as those servers, all I have to do is throw a single task like opening a small PDF at it and it starts racing and stays that way and I feel like throwing it out the window.

We've narrowed it down to the CPU Fan as we removed the other fans from the box and were able to ID it as the Intel Fan. This is the last time I evere attempt building my own PC. I bought the best of everything for it and I have had nothing but problems. My main issue is I cannot stand the noise any longer. I already replaced the Thermaltake fans with low noise fans to discover it's the processor fan.  

I have a network of 320 PC's and none of them make this damn noise, not even my servers at the office do this once they've warmed up and after a year I can't take it anymore. Anyone know of a Fix before I put this thing on Ebay for someone that desn't care about the noise? HELP!
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Well I have changed the lines in the power plug of the cpu fan.

So it runs with 7 volts.

See http://www.dslwebserver.com/main/fr_index.html?/main/5-7-adapter.html

for details



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Most high priced CPU fans are noisy.  They are usaully purchased by people who want to overclock thier cpu's as they need the extra cooling supplied by these fans to keep thier cpu's from overheating.  If you are not overclocking, you might consider purchasing a cpu fan with a lower noise db rating instead of selling the whole pc.  Just make sure it is rated for colling a 3.2 P4.

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Get this

It will keep your CPU very cool and makes almost no noise
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Have you entered your BIOS to enable the fan control? - I have mine set to 60c and 90% my CPU fan is silent, my other case fans arent though, I would recomend trying this before the below step.

Actually, because you are likely running LGA775, that wont work, you would have to use this one
or this

The reason I state this; "I bought the best of everything for it and I have had nothing but problems."

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Here's a program I use a lot to keep down the fan noise.  Your HP probably has this built in, which is why it is so quiet.

Asus has a similar thing to control the fan speed, but I haven't come across anything that works as good as SpeedFan.


Setup is a little puzzling at first, but I think it's the best software fan control out there.

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Ya and im sure that your HP cpu also runs very hot at times. You could build a nearly noiseless computer if you wanted.. its just going to run a a lot hotter. I actually plan on getting a new case, power supply, cpu fan, etc.. redo the cooling as well because mine is a little loud as well. I use to have 2 80mm fans spinning at 5700rpm.. dam things made me go crazy so I got rid of them. Loud as anything.
Just search on...
http://www.newegg.com <-- nice deals
http://tigerdirect.com <-- ok..
http://xoxide.com <-- a lot of cool stuff

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Forgot to add to my previous post about SpeedFan, it controls fan speed variation according to the temp of either your motherboard, processor, hard drive, any other temp sensors it detects, or combination of all.
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There are several thoughts here:

First, the fan could be bad, I've had a number of these (bad fans).  Is the "noise" just "wind noise" due to airflow, or is it noise coming from bad bearings?  Put your hand on the fan frame while it's running.  If there is vibration that you can feel, you have a bad fan (out of balance, or bad bearings).  This happens, and the only thing that you can do is to replace the fan.  Note, in general the Intel OEM fans and heatsinks are actually pretty good, overall, but I have encountered various fans (both OEM and 3rd party) with balance or bearing problems.

If the noise is "airflow", the fan may be running faster than necessary.  Many of the Asus motherboards have onboard motherboard circuitry for implementing variable fan speed based on CPU temperature.  You may have the fan running at full speed for no reason.  The setup for this is in the BIOS setup that is available before the system boots Windows (hit DEL key immediately after power-on).  Asus calls this feature "Q-fan" when it's present.  There are also 3rd party devices that you can insert between the fan and motherboard to allow fan speed control (automatic or manual).

However, if that doesn't help, your only option may be to change the fan/heatsink to one with lower noise level.  If you do this, install the "Asus Probe utility" that came with the motherboard (it's on the CD, or you can download a later copy from the Asus web site).  This will allow you to monitor the temperature of the CPU so see how it's doing.  If you are going to change the fan/heatsink, install probe and check the CPU with the current heatsink, so that you will have a basis of comparison.

Good luck.

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