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Posted on 2005-02-26
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I'm working on a little telnet app, but this is my first time doing anything beyond a textbook in Perl. This program receives lines of text from a server, and sends lines typed at the console, and that's about it. When I input something into the program, if another line is received from the server, it kind of chops what I was typing and puts it in front of the data that was just sent, leaving half of what I was typing on the line before, and also in the text buffer. I hope I'm making myself clear enough here... but basically, how can I set it so that input only shows up on the bottom line, until I press enter, and not scroll into the rest of the buffer? (just disappear after enter is hit?)
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can you copy paste here some JAMMED output ?

as I understand, 2 agents write to the same OUTPUT:
the server and you , am I right ?

if there is a script that sends logs to the OUTPUT, in perl, this may help :

 select(STDERR); $| = 1; # make unbuffered - print to screen immediately
 select(STDOUT); $| = 1; # make unbuffered - print to screen immediately

I assume your access to the file is stronger then that of the server, so what you write byrst into what the server is trying to write. the above 2 lines will give the server "a higher" prio accessing the OUTPUT.


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Here's an example. I connect and type "Asdas, which would be the command to 'say' Asdas. It takes what I've written after I press enter and adds it to the buffer.

"Asdas                 #This was written by me, I press enter.
You say, "Asdas"   #This line came from the connection

What I would like is to be able to just type "Asdas, press enter, have You say, "Asdas" show up on screen, but not the command I just entered.

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It sounds like you're writing what's known in the Windows world as a "console app".

Unless you wish to add the complexity of a GUI to your program, the intermediate step for achieving what you want is to use a package like "curses" to control what is displayed on the screen. You can do something like establish an input area at the bottom of the screen and post the responses coming back from the server in a scrolled region above that. I'm afraid I don't know of a good example of this method that's written in Perl.

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