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Hey there... I recently purchased an ipod, and I am interested to know how can I write software which will run on it?
If there is no way to do this, does anyone know where I can download software which will run on it? I am looking mainly to add new games into the ipod's game library.

Thanks in Advance...
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Well, it is a little computer, so you certainly can hack it.  However, Apple has not made it easy.  

You can port linux to your ipod and do what you like, however.


I don't know of any other method.
Basically at this point you can not program the ipod. Apple has made it a closed system. Part of this is because they don't want people to easily break the DRM I am sure.
suma_dsAuthor Commented:
Forget about programming the ipod. I don't want to do it any more. Instead can anyone tell me how to fix my ipod which is now unbootable...

I went to the ipod-linux project that jrp1 posted. And after following several more links i was able to find a version for windows.

I downloaded and installed this, and afterwards found out that the ipod-linux project only supports the older version of ipods (i have a 60GB photo ipod).

I tried to uninstall ipod-linux, change the boot sequence, format the ipod, re-install ipod-linux ---- Nothing works. I belive by now that the firmware is deffinately corrupted.

Now with the ipod comes an application called IpodUpdater.exe. This application actually upgrades the ipod firmware and can reset it to factory settings.

Currently when i run this ipod updater, it says "iPod Service Error". However the README of the ipod-linux project suggests it is possible to trick this program into restoring a ipod.

Uninstalling iPodLinux

To uninstall iPodLinux, either restore the backup oropen the file
iPod_Control\Device\SysInfo on the
iPod drive (iPod_Control is a hidden folder). Search for

buildID: 0x02208000 (2.2)

and change this to

buildID: 0x02108000 (2.2)

Now run the Apple firmware update software. It will think that you have
a firmware on your iPod which is out of date and lets you update to the
current one. Do it and iPodLinux will be gone.                    


OK now i opened the SysInfo file, to find that my buildID is very different from the example:

        buildID: 0x04008000 (4.0)

I tried changing it to both the values in the example, but no luck.

If anybody can tell me a value that will work, or anything else at all that might help, it would be greatly appreciated.

suma_dsAuthor Commented:
it's all good.... i managed to fix it. i think i have learnt my lesson and im not going to try to mess with it anymore.

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