Flash nor showing on MAC as on PC

I have a flash file here:

If I see the site on IE or Firefox on a PC machine, I see the DARK GERY background extend to the left and righr edges of the browser.

If the same HTML is run on a MAC machine, the background does not extend.

What I have done is, the flash STAGE SIZE is small but the BACKGROUND movie clip is larger then the stage size, extending to both left and right.
I did this so that even when the user scales the browser window, the background extends to left and right.

Can someone tell me whats causing this problem.
You can look at the HTML source if that might be causing this problem, I have no clue at this point.

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sam85281Connect With a Mentor Commented:
First of all, making the background clip bigger than the stage doesn't do anything.  The outside of the stage is work area.  You store variable fields, movie clips that will slide in later, etc, there. An SWF won't display any of that.

What makes it work in IE, etc, is that you have the width set to 100% in the OBJECT tag.

In the EMBED tag you have the width set to 954 pixels. MAC/Netscape and some others use the EMBED tag and ignore the OBJECT tag.

Just set the width in the embed tag to 100% like it is in the object tag and it should work.

I don't have MAC or netscape to test it on but...

Also mac uses different screen aspect ratio than PC which always causes problems too.

ssdesignAuthor Commented:
Even I dont have a mac, so i have suggested this to my client and see if it works for him. Seems like I didnt see the EMBED tag code properly, if the problem was due to that,  then point are your :)

very stupid of me infact to have ignored that :))

Sam .. it is possible to see outside the stage under certain circumstances .. eg ..if you are linking to the swf and it is not embedded
in html and the stage is set to .. Stage.scaleMode =" noScale";
in a high resolution window a large area outside the stage is displayed

even embedded in html .. the default publish setting of "showAll" .. in some browsers can leave a border around the swf that will  show objects that are off the stage.

SS ..just looked at your sample on a mac OSX using safari .. and the grey fully fills the browser .. so maybe it is earlier
versions that are not displaying correctly .. what sam has said about this makes sense

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