Row Changed between retrieve and update !!

Hi every body...
I have datawindow comes from three tables ,and while update I face this problem
first time update every things ok .
if I made any changes(without resellectrow or refresh )for  second time to the datawindow field that comes from   table2 only the Error "Row Changed between retrieve and update " appears.I checked every things and I made commit after update but still this problem happend.
Please help
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When the table has identity column, the column is marked as key-column but it is not marked as identity column in datawindow update properties:
When You insert a new column and update it succesfuly, the row is inserted, but its new identity value is not got from the database.

When You will change this row immediately an update, then update() function generates update or delete command with ".. where identity_column is null".

The identity_column has got a new value, but datawindow does not know about it. You have to mark this column as "identity" in datawindow painter update properties.


after u successfully update issue a resetupdate() command...


dw_1.Update(True,True)  //to reset ur flags...

Hope this helps...


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I agree with rosh this happens when Powerbuider tries to fire SQL STATEMENT for a particular row with criteria and doesnt find any matching row in database.

guess my post is the right solution for the authors query...

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