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DTS package dynamic update

Ok I have a DTS package currently. It reads an Excel file and checks to see if the info is in the DB - if it is then it updates the info, if it is not then it updates it. Now it has been a while since I wrote these, and been a while since I did DB programming. I would like to add a new feature to the package that will read the VIN number of the unit coming in, if that unit has an F at the beginning of it then I want to add a certain fuel type to the record. So I came up with the following.... which is not working, which is why I am asking this question.

DTSDestination("StockNo") = DTSSource("STOCK-NO#")
      DTSDestination("Year") = YR
      DTSDestination("Make") = DTSSource("MAKE")
      DTSDestination("Model") = DTSSource("MODEL")
      DTSDestination("ModelNo") = DTSSource("MODEL-NO")
      DTSDestination("Mileage") =DTSSource("ODO")
      DTSDestination("Options") = DTSSource("OPTIONS")
      DTSDestination("Color") = DTSSource("COLOR")
      DTSDestination("Loc") = DTSSource("LOC")
      DTSDestination("CurrentLocation") = DTSSource("LOC")
      DTSDestination("Retail") = DTSSource("RETAIL")
      DTSDestination("Days") = DTSSource("DAYS")
      DTSDestination("SerialNo") = DTSSource("SERIAL-NO#")

      if DTSSource("BODY") = "MHA" or DTSSource("BODY") = "MHC" then --- Don't care about the other body types just these 2
            GasorD = instr(DTSSource("SERIAL-NO#"), "4")                --- should return 1 if the serial starts with a 4
            if GasorD = "1" then
                  DTSDestination("FuelType") = "Diesel"
                  DTSDestination("FuelType") = "Gas"
            end if
      end if

      DTSDestination("Body") = DTSSource("BODY")
      DTSDestination("Class") = DTSSource("BODY")
      DTSDestination("DateUploaded") = Date
      DTSDestination("OrderDate") = Date

      Main = DTSTransformStat_InsertQuery
Now in the insert query itself looks like this

INTO Inventory
                      (StockNo, [Year], Make,
Model, ModelNo, Options, Color, Loc, CurrentLocation, Retail, Days,
SerialNo, Body, NewUsed, Live, Class, DateUploaded, OrderDate, fueltype)
VALUES     (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, 'Used', ?, '1', ?, ?, ?,?)

What do I need to do to fix this?
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1 Solution
poulsborvAuthor Commented:
What might work better is if I changed Class to MHD (since Class and Body are the same in the DB)
What are you getting now?

Personally, I would do something like this

left(DTSSource("SERIAL-NO#"), 1)="4"

If you use INSTR, you're likely to get more matches than you should....

poulsborvAuthor Commented:
Ok that is a better way of doing that, but the fueltype still does not get inserted into the dB

 if DTSSource("BODY") = "MHA" or DTSSource("BODY") = "MHC" then
      GasorD = left(DTSSource("SERIAL-NO#"), 1)="4"
          if GasorD = "1" then
               DTSDestination("FuelType") = "Diesel"
               DTSDestination("FuelType") = "Gas"
          end if
     end if
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check your parameters for the insert query to make sure FuelType is being passed.
also. I think the parameters are case sensitive so you might want to double check spelling and case.
poulsborvAuthor Commented:
The spelling and stuff looks good, I updated the insert and update statements

UPDATE    dbo.Inventory
SET              Mileage = ?, Options
= ?, Color = ?, CurrentLocation = ?,
Days = ?, NewUsed = 'New', Body = ?, Class = ?, Live = 1, FuelType = ?
WHERE     (StockNo = ?)

poulsborvAuthor Commented:
I figured it out, it was my update statment, my variables were not parsed correctly, thanks to both


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