Export Dialouge problem in Crystal report 10 when used from within VB application.

MY VB application opens a crystal report in its Crystal Viewer control and it works fine.
I have just upgraded my system with Crystal 10 I replaced the existing crpe32.dll manually with the one I got from Crystal 10 Cd and the reports are still functionaing well (after the replacement) --- CR 8 based reports with CR 10 crpe32.dll.

However, now when I click on Export toolbar button thru the viewer, it just doesn't do anything, however, it should bring the Export Dialogue so that I can export my reports to PDF.

CR 10 designer allows me to do the same manually without any problem, but I want to do the same thru my Applicaton thru the toolbar button of the Viewer.

I am running Win2K, Visual Basic 6 with SQL Server 2000 & Crystal Reports version 10.
I hope the provided information is sufficient, should you require any other information, please do ask.


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You really need to replace many more dlls.

Crystal renamed many of the exporting dlls in CR8.5 and 9 so CR10 doesn't recognize the CR8 dlls so it can't do the export.

I assume you have CR10 installed on the development machine.  If so, then build a new installation packjage using the CR10 merge modules and install it on the machine with the application.

Merge modules for CR10

How to build a deployment package with CR10.


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eBird2005Author Commented:
thanx mlmcc

one more problem that i faced, when i installed my app on a fresh machine and placed a number of Crystall DLLs in system32 (including crpe32.dll etc), my app failed to open the reports.

Please note that I am using direct API calls to manipulate the reports, e.g. calling the functions directly from crpe32.dll

then i tried all possible varitions but it didn't sort out, eventually, I took a merge module, "CrystalReports10_rdc_reportengine.msm" and included it in a simple installer (.NET) and installed it over the client and my reports started working.

when i checked out i noticed that there were about 170+ files in that merge modue.

My question is, can i somehow include that merge module in my VB installer? becoz according to current scenario I have to manage 2 installers, one for my App (VB Installer) and the other for Crystal (.NET Installer) as VB Installer doesn't allow to include merge modules, even if i include them as files they are just copied to the client's machine as it is .... the internal files are not decompressed.


The merge modules are really for use with the other methods of calling reports.  Interesting that they include the files you need.  I suspect they have many other files you don't need.

This may help explain how to use them.  I still have CR8 and no merge modules.

eBird2005Author Commented:
Thanx mlmcc,

I have managed to solve my problem the following way.

I built a Setup project by VS.NET and included the following from CR 10 CD [mm I got from the link you sent above] in that.

1. CRPE32.dll <destination path system32>
2. u2ddisk.dll <destination path system32>
3. CrystalReports10_rdc_reportengine.msm

Installed the above on a fresh Win2K box and everything is working fine. ...;-)

Thanx for your help.
Glad i could help

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