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Login failed for user 'TNTU082154\ASPNET'

Hi there,

I am new to SQL Server, and I am following the book course "SAMS ASP.NET KICKSTART". I am trying to view data from the SQL server in a datagrid bound to a data set.

When I go to run the ASPX web page, it comes up with Login failed for user 'TNTU082154\ASPNET'.

I have a shallow grasp on the securities and permissions involved, and here is where I am so-far:

SQL Server 2000 is running on XP Pro, with IIS installed. - Domain\M-Name: GB898\TNTU082154
Local machine Win XP Pro running Visual Professional. - Domain\M-Name: GB898\TPG22245

I have tried creating various 'New Login's under the SQL Server Enterprise manager, but I still get the error. I know the link to the SQL Server is good, as within Visual Studio, I can view, insert, delete data within the database etc...

Please can I have simple instructions on what I need to do on both my local machine, and the Server to allow the Webpage to authenticate properly!!! - It's very frustrating, I have spent the last four hours trying to get this to work... :-[

Your help is REALLY appreciated.


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Thanks for your help, in the end I got it going by entering

<identity impersonate="true" />

into the web.config file.

You get the points anyways!!


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What are the implications of giving [machinename]\ASPNET permission to the database? How about the implications of setting "identity impersonate" to "true?