How to Web Server,DNS,Name Server

I have a problem
Please help.
I want to set up my machine as a web server.
MS Windows server 2003 installed.
DNS and IIS Installed.
I have domain names, and
I have adsl router that has static ip
I enabled DMZ on router and set my mach ip
if i type adresses
they show the web pages under my iis
but i want to show them when i type
so i registered and to my modem's ip
after that i set all dns settings to dns_1:
when i typed ping tries to ping  but no response
and i couldn't connect my mach typing
i guess i couldn't send my server info to other servers
i tried to make A,CNAME settings in dnsmgmt but i couldn't success.
what should i do?
could anyone help me how to set up my server and router step by step so
i can correct my settings.

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I presume you registered ns1...  and ns2... with your domain registrar.  The first thing to remember is that DNS changes like this can take 24-72 hours to propagate to the internet, so even if everything (ie. DNS) is configured properly it can take up to three days for everyone to be able to reach your site.  This assumes also that your router is properly configure to forward DNS traffic (port 53) and web traffic (port 80) to your web server.  If you have put your server in the DMZ, that  should suffice.

You may want to take a look at this tutorial for setting up DNS in Windows 2003 -  Keep in mind this tutorial is for an internal DNS server.  However, the steps are essentially the same for a public server with the exception that you should use your server's public (internet) IP address rather than it's private (LAN) IP address.  If you can provide your actual domain name, it would be easier to track down where the problem is if there is a DNS problem.

One other thing to think about - there are a number of free DNS services available (ie.  Most good domain registrars will also offer DNS service.  Using a service like this might be a simpler solution than trying to run your own public DNS server.
Just saw that info in your other question -

IP :

According to, your name servers are not repsponding.  The most likely cause is that your router isn't forwarding DNS requests to the server.

BTW - I am able to ping  If you tried to ping the external IP from inside the network, it makes sense that you were unable to ping it.
Double check your DNS settings and make sure you have your zone set up properly according to the tutorial above.
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uKurKcuAuthor Commented:
which settings are wrong ?
i added all one by one and wait for 2 hours each of them
tested ns result but no success.
uKurKcuAuthor Commented:
i used zoneedit for my another domain name
i gave my ip there they gave me and
i put these ns settings to
then i have with these ns settings and it connects my computer and find own directory everything works well like -humeniuk- said.
but i have domain name and to my server ip.
i want to use these settings for all my domains but how.
this is my dns settings picture.
If you are going to use your nameserver for public name resolution, you have to use the public (internet) IP of your server (, NOT the network address (ie. or
uKurKcuAuthor Commented:
thanks everybody for help.
I found the problem i've forgetten to set up primary DNS suffix of my computer.
I changed machine name as ns1 and i give as dns suffix and it solved :)
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