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Hi experts!

I'm currently learning C# (as many others are...) and the learning curve is steep.  I'm eager to learn this language, is my question ( i have to explain a bit, before i come to the point):

I have been reading a few books, forums and all of the more or less "famous" web sites on the topic, also have been "playing" around with a few short, sweet little programms (not the ugly "Hello World" thing), that had a good "satisfaction-effect".  Now, im looking for a way to learn as much of the classes and methods that come with the library (it is said that .NET ships with over 4000 classes if im not wrong...)...i don't want to look up a book, etc. everytime i need to do something...just type that stuff and programm, almost knowing the necesary classes by memory! (Has somebody of you done this?)  

Is there a good reference guide, site, etc. where i can find ALL of the METHODS that ship with .NET with the corresponding parameters and properties?  Something like a good overview of: class a ----> has method a, b, c ----> method has the following properties that you can set: a, b, c, d and you can "feed" the method with the following parameters: x, y, z,...

I have the documentation installed and also the Class Library that ships with it (its very complete, BUT not very friendly to the user that want's to learn like i want).  

Thanks, appreciate all your effort.


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sun4sundayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can check the MSDN Help and it is the best.

I perfer instead of going  through all the menthods, when a process has to be done, check in the MSDB Library and seach in the net for that.

One site I can suggest is

You can naviagte through this and it will give the link to the online MSDN.


psdacruzAuthor Commented:
Thanks amit g!  I have that already.  Something more user-friendly....would be better.
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_TAD_Connect With a Mentor Commented:

There may be 4,000+ classes, but as a programmer you'll only use perhaps 20 on a daily basis.

but I digress...

What you want is a book called "C# in a nutshell" by O'Reilly.  This is basically a hardcopy version of the Object browser embeded into .Net.   If you want to see the online version open up your windows class viewer.   I found mine at:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\SDK\v1.1\Bin\WinCV.exe

The O'Reilly book is a pretty small (and handy) book that has its contents seperated by namespaces.  I find this *very* usefull.  
You asked for the reference and I think there isn't better reference than this. If you need tutorials
psdacruzAuthor Commented:
Ok,...the ball is rolling.  So far the answers that came closest to my question are from TAD (yes, TAD the WinCV thing is a good resource, also the book looks like what im looking for (eventhough this book doesn't cover Web form and Web control classes, the writer even gives an explanation about the reasons at Amazons site) and from sun4sunday (the site is a EXCELLENT resource and goes in the direction that im looking for - which is: easy to follow, library of classes and their methods).  So, if more answers came in, pls have a look at the aforementioned answers!

Thanks.  I will leave this question opened for one more day...


This will useful for the .net reference online
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