NTBackup (or tapeware) with windows XP, /um switch equivalent


I'm trying to configure a backup system using either Tapware (which I have basically given up on) or NTBackup in Windows XP Pro. The user has a Certance 4mm 12/24gb DDS3 Drive and around 5 tapes.

I've read through the tapeware forums which don't help!

I need the back-up system to overwrite the tape in the drive, regardless of which tape is in each day. The user is quite happy with this and plans to change the tape every few days, but does not want to be bothered by which tape to use.

Essentially, he wants a backup to run each day on any tape.

I have found various articles online which refer to the windows 2000 native backup backup utility which suggest I can use the /um switch to ignore which tape is in the drive and overwrite it. The problem is the user's machine is Windows XP Pro, for which the backup utility has no /um switch listed!

I'm trying on my own PC to set this up, I'm using an OnStream ADR Drive for testing purposes, thus the "miniQIC" in the example.

ntbackup backup "@C:\bobs selection.bks" /v:yes /hc:on /m normal /l:f /p "miniQIC" /um

I've tried running this from the command line, however I get an invalid media error in the backup log!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Did you try /T{"TapeName"}?

Don't use the above with the /p option
bobalobAuthor Commented:
Can this work as a wildcard so that I can overwrite any tape?
I haven't tried...

maybe you can even leave it open, it may be optional.

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bobalobAuthor Commented:
I'm going to try using my backup drive at home later tonight, i'm not 100% that this ADR Drive is okay.

I'll post the results later.

bobalobAuthor Commented:
I just ran the command in my first post with a random tape in the drive an it appeared to work, also tried again with the same tape and worked again! I must have had a faulty ADR!

Now all that needs to be done is to try and get tapeware to do the same!

My question is basically answered, though if anyone has any info on tapeware, please post here!

I'll award the points in the next day if anyone has anything to add.

Thanks for your help rindi although it didn't really answer the question fully I will split some of the points with you.

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