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I need a way to remotley get UNIX servers OS version....

We have several UNIX systems and I need to see if anyone has found a way to remotely query a UNIX box for it's OS and version. Similar to uname -a but from a Windows system.

1 Solution
1. Install PuTTY on the Windows system
2. Install OpenSSH on the Unix system
3. Setup keys and permissions appropriately so that the Windows box can plink to the Unix system
3. plink user@server uname -a
you can use rsh in NT Resource Kit. In W2K, I believe, it is installed with the OS:

C:\>which rsh

C:\>rsh /?
rsh: remote terminal session not supported

Runs commands on remote hosts running the RSH service.

RSH host [-l username] [-n] command

  host            Specifies the remote host on which to run command.
  -l username     Specifies the user name to use on the remote host. If
                  omitted, the logged on user name is used.
  -n              Redirects the input of RSH to NULL.
  command         Specifies the command to run.
But you should not use RSH if you care at all about security.
as  chris_calabrese said: use PuTTY, openssh or cygwin's ssh on your windoze box then simply do:
   ssh user@remote uname -a
edrz01Author Commented:
Ok, so I guess this can't be done w/o having an account on the server. In this case that won't work. Guess I will have to go back to the old method of beating them over the head to get the information.....

Thanks all who replied. I will award the points to zdes since that was the easiest method to use short of installing another application.

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