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Obtain a copy of Sims 2 University

Hi I am in the UK at the moment and my son wants a copy of the Sims 2 University  for his birthday on Friday
The game is not out yet in the UK( only comes out on the 11th)

Where can I get a copy of the game delivered to me for Friday.  (I am in North London)
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2 Solutions
here is one on Ebay that ends in a couple hours.
As you can see it is an imported English version and he can ship 2 days within USA.
He does ship worlwide but I doubt you can get it by Friday.
I do alot of shipping and it takes 3 days to go 400 miles by first class mail.
I do not think 3 day shipping to UK is possible unless you want to pay over night, plus the high cost of registered mail. This game is selling on Ebay for $20 or more. From my eperience shipping to Italy, and other places, if you want overnight and registered it could cost as high as $25 ++++ just for the shipping. You best bet is to wait until the 11th and buy it there.
Give you son an IOU, unless you want to pay $50 or more for this game by having it shipped to arrive by Friday the 4th.
> unless you want to pay over night

It sounds worth it, unless this were about discount deal.  Try local supplier, dealer, give them a call and see if they can work a deal through their distribution channels.  It may be available only on a schedule, but you may get lucky to be requesting inclusion for a regular delivery.
If you really want to do something crazy, pay me in advance on Paypal once the total is known, I'll go to Blockbuster and buy it and ship to you overnight today.
My time is valuable though but I am open to a discussion.
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I ship alot of games and one game is under a pound. I just checked www.usps.com to UK and 2-3 day global priority is $39.00, and from my experience FedEx will be alot higher.
I can't see paying $80 or more for this game. new in the stores in 39.99 plus shipping but if you want it by the 4th it may well be worth the cost to you.
I just called Blockbuster and they do not carry pc games, so to buy locally in USA would require Walmart, Target, or maybe Eb Games.
There are plenty of them on Ebay but 3 day delivery is going to be tough.
grakemAuthor Commented:
I have exhausted the ebay route I spoke to the guys listing and they can't make the deadline.  I have tried EVERY local supplier even the supposed import shops here and their is still no result.

I was told that their are illegal ways of getting hold of it sooner, however I would prefer to pay for it.  It amazes me that a company the size of Ea games cannot make it possible for everyone to purchase something at the same time.  It is these same companies that complain that there is so much piracy and its hurting their business.  

Put it simply release it at the same time and your piracy problem goes away....  Its the same with movies and tv shows, release it at the same time and your piracy problem will go away.  

Anyway enough of my venting....  I welcome any more comments on how I can get hold of the software before D-day.  I know it would really make his day if I could get it for him.
if you got friends in USA call them, ask them to locate the game at the type stores that sell it, and go buy it and send to you overnight express.
I can not think of any other way to buy it from a company online and get same day shipping and 2-3 day guaranteed delivery.
I had a similar problem with Grand Turismo 4. I preordered 4 copies and it was released on the 22nd and all the stores had it except the store chain that I bought from which was Blockbuster. I told them they are hurting themselves by getting games ""days"" after their competition gets it. They tried to blame it on Sony when it was their own distribution problems.
here is one on Amazon and it says usually ships in 24 hours and they have a NEXT day delivery. That is only to US though, so you would have to buy it, have it shipped NEXT day to someone in US and then they ship to you overnight or NEXT day.
24 hours + one NEXT day to your friend + one NEXT day to you = Friday.
grakemAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help guys.  I didn't use any of your methods directly, however  Nick, with the amount of words, you put on the page, I am going to have to give you points anyway, purely because you gave me some other avenues to explore.   I hate it when you do a tonne of work for people on EE and they don't give you anything!  (especially when you were the first to mention a solution)

I found a Us retailer that will ship to here for about 80USD for Friday.

Thanks for the help again.  (BTW if there is anyone from Ea games reading this) My son says his friend has already got it from P2P.  Just  think, of all the other people that have done the same, thats a whole lot of money, that Ea games would have lost, just because they can't release something on the same day.  See my post above!

 As for my son,  I refused to let him load a copied version onto the machine, so I am sure that he will be twice as surprised when he gets his boxed version on Friday!


I thought Nick was more on track off the bat as well.

I'll post the feeble results indicating my lack of worth here. I'd intended to suggest, if willing, one swap stuff from one store in one land to another store in another land, and forget the currency conversion, postage bad enough.  Which is probably the problem. THey're saving a little on shipping, and being somewhat equitable on a geographic basis. Note the below indicates UK dates are not as late in time, manufacturing, as other lands nearby.

Other thing is, it is only a week or so, what's in a date, it is present and thought that counts.  But the question itself agues otherwise.

Good luck, I think you'll succeed (child rearing)


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