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Multiple VTP Domains

OK Maybe I'd asking in the wrong area, so I ask this in the networking area.

Here is a situation -

I need to setup a test lab that is totally seperate from out corporate network.  
I have a 3550 with EMI so I can do inter-vlan routing.

I'm planning to have my own  VTP domain, so I can manage my own VLANs and for the future need, we probably need about 100 VLANs and add more switches.  But for what they told me is that there is a fiber already pulled between the lab switch and the corporate closet, they told my that I need to trunk up the switch from the test lab to one of the switch from the corporate side (the corporate side has its own VTP domain).  Few questions I had:

1. Can the switch handle multiple VTP domains?

2. Is there an issue if both VTP domains have same VLAN ID?  For example, let say corporate side has VLAN 111, and I also create a VLAN 111 on the lab switch with its own VTP domain.

3. Are there going to be any issue if IP addresses overlap both corporate side and the lab, even though they are on two different VTP domains?  Example, corporate side has a VLAN 500 with network ID of /16, and the Lab switch has a VLAN 200 with network ID of /24?

Thanks in advance.

1 Solution
1.  The switch can only be a member of one VTP domain at a time.

2.  Since you will have to use the same VTP domain, you would need to use unique VLAN numbers when connecting the Test network to the corporate side so you do not have overlap.

3.  VTP doesn't make a difference in this case, you must have unique IP addresses throughout the network.  If you plan to connect the Test and corporate networks, use a range of addresses that are unique on the corporate side so you do not have overlap when connecting the two networks.
As a side-note (not related to VTP)... here is a link to the Cisco SAFE blueprint for setting up a lab module in a corporate environment:
bajafishinAuthor Commented:
Thank all for your answer.  It clearify the questions I have.  My thought are the same too, switch can only be a member of one VTP domain at a time.  From my unstanding is that our team need to setup a lab that use a 3550 and we need to manage our own vlan, and a fiber is trunk from the 3550 to the corporate 4500 series switch (is a VTP client on the corperate side), we need to use a dozen ports from the 4500 that partipate with the vlan that I create on the 3550.  I don't think this is posible.  The problem is that corporate IT wants to take control of all data devices, which of course is there reponsibility.  I want to setup a lab so that I can have my own play ground, I guess the lab can't be a reality because of politic issue.  Or the only way it can happen is to build a totally seperate network that is not in any way connect or trunked to the corporate network.  

Thank you guys


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