URGENT - Quick 500 points, easy VPN ?

I've posted this question over in Win2K3 and am not having any luck, anyone over here with some ideas?

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pcavenueConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if your connecting directley to the 2003 server, (its a vpn server) it sounds like the "allow computer to brouse" option is set to "this computer only" not "entire network"

thats in rras, or whatever its called now, if you need me to, ill connect to a box, and see where it is.  

cheers - dp
Can you ping the internal servers when you are connected to the VPN?  I don't usually concern myself with browsing for resources.  The easiest thing for me is to set up a hosts file that resolves the name to the internal IP address on the remote clients, or to map drives using the internal IP address.
Gary GordonSolution IntegratorCommented:
Try WINS or an LMHOSTS file.
Justin MaloneSystem AdministratorCommented:
Make sure the computer you are connecting with is in the same workgroup/domain
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