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Ex 5.5 - How to find statistics on usage?

Noob Question -

I have an Exchange 5.5 Server running on Windows 2000 Server.  It hosts around 200 mailboxes and a whole lot of public folders.

How do I find statistics on it's usage?  Stats I am most interested in is mail recived / day and mail sent / day.  I want seperate stats for both internal and external email.

I already looked at the Performance Monitors that Exchange 5.5 installs. But I don't understand how to use them. I have used Performance Monitors in the past, but just for testing, not for gathering data.

I see no activity in them, even though I know users are actively sending and recieving mail.
1 Solution
In the perfmon, there's a section called Performance Logs, Counter Logs. Add a new log. Add counters for \\servername\ms exchangeis private. There are counters for messages sent, delivered, etc. You can set the log to start now and end in 1 day, giving you information for 1 day. The counters like messages sent, I'm not sure what that starts, maybe since the dawn of time, or since the last time IMC was restarted. Also make sure you don't put that log on a drive low on disk space, it can take it over.
If you want to visualize the info in real time, go back to the system monitor module (graph) and add the counters such as delivered/ min and sent/min. This will give you up to date information as to how much your server is doing that minute. However to aggregate it you will definitely need the counter log as mentioned above.

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