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moving home folder

I am going to have to move around 75 users home folder to a new location on another volume.
Currently there homefolders are specified by drive letter and \\server-name\%username% within ADUC.

Is there a quick way to make this change besides going user by user in ADUC?

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1 Solution
Well I know you could use command prompt but I forgot the command ever since I came accross this tool:


simply download from:


Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:
You could use this: - Robocopy.exe

This command-line tool simplifies the task of maintaining an identical copy of a folder tree in multiple locations, either on the same computer or in separate network locations. Robust File Copy Utility (RoboCopy) can provide time-efficient maintenance of mirror images of large folder trees on network servers separated by slow or unreliable wide area network (WAN) links.

By default, RoboCopy ignores source file attributes when selecting files to copy. It copies any file matching specified conditions, regardless of the attribute settings of the file.

RoboCopy writes a log of files and folders to its command-prompt window, listing the:

Folders processed
Files copied and why
Network errors
Incompatibilities between the source and destination folder-tree structures
This output can also be redirected to a disk file. Just before RoboCopy closes, it writes a summary of its activities during its session to its command-prompt window, or to a disk file, if redirected.


RoboCopy does not run on Microsoft Windows 95, or Microsoft Windows NT, version 3.5x. RoboCopy is a Unicode application, and Windows 95 does not provide full Unicode support. Also, RoboCopy uses the CopyFileEx() Win32 API, which is supported on Microsoft Windows 2000 and Microsoft Windows NT version 4.0, but not on Windows NT 3.5x.

Ref: - http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/WindowsServ/2003/all/techref/en-us/Default.asp?url=/Resources/Documentation/windowsserv/2003/all/techref/en-us/robocopy.asp

vivo123Author Commented:
I have used robocopy before  when copying folders across the network..  I have not seen or used the admodify tool before.  I downloaded and will give it a go in a test environment
Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:

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