What are the 69, 123, 137, and 161 UDP ports?

I've just recently scanned my computer with SuperScan 4.0 and it came up that I had these UDP ports open.

What are these ports UDP 69, 123, 137, and 161 ports and what can a hacker do with these ports?

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And if a hacker can do something with these ports, what would that application be that he would use?  And where could I get this application?  (If this question can be answered)

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jeopboyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
TFTp - Trivial File Transfer - copy files to/from a device.  You can do this from command line in Windows or UNIX.  Possible to over-run a file system or get files from remote

NTP - Network TIme Protocol - not much you can do here other than get or set time

NetBIOS - Microsoft - need I say more?   I'll let you have your own fun choosing a hacker tool to go after a Microsoft port.

SNMP - SImple Network Management Protocol - control/change various system parameters - MIB browser from FLuke is good.  There are also other freeware SNMP management tools.

XygusAuthor Commented:
P.S.  This question will be answered in the next hour.  So try to comment soon.
69 - TFTP
123 - NTP
137 - NetBIOS Name Service
161 - SNMP

Assuming a hacker has full access to these ports, there's a lot they can do.  The most vulnerable are NetBIOS and SNMP.  If the hacker guesses your SNMP community strings, he could completely change your configuration on the device, opening it for further access.
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