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Getting started with PL/SQL Developer

I am just getting started with PL/SQL Developer, and I have just loaded Oracle Personal 9i.

I have a lot of past experience with Oracle but not sure how to get the engine running.

I'm more recently familiar with with Sql Server - just open Enterprise Manager and voila !, there are your databases. Need to create a database? Click, and it's done.

So my main question is, how do I see the available databases, and how do I connect to one via Pl Sql Developer?

Are there any sample databases like Northwind or Adventure Works in Sql Server?

I remember Scott/Tiger and I found his tables via Sql Server, but still need a jump start.

Thanks !

Alaska Cowboy
Alaska Cowboy
3 Solutions
Have you set up ORACLE service names for your databases using Net9 Assistant (I'm still at Oracle 8i so I use Net8 Assistant & assume there is similar for ver 9) or Net# Configuration assistant?

I'm not a DBA, just a user but I've always had to set up a Service name to see any of the Oracle DB's that I work with.

To connect to one Database You need to built the entry in tnsnames.ora (using "Net configuration assistant" from menu). The you can see it's entry while starting PL/SQL Developer (login screen).

It can't show you the list of avaliable databases, but Yes it can show you all the entries in tnsnames.ora.

unlike the databases in SQL server here we use the concept of user/password to seperate the users. in the connection box you  should use scott and password tiger. if you have any problems in this just show us the problem and we might be able to help
Alaska CowboyAuthor Commented:

Thank you for the tips, I got sidetracked on other issues. I will take into account your comments.

aw shucks.....
We did not help you at all. you need not have given points for this.

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