User Defined service with Srvany.exe

Hi All,
We have a proprietary piece of software that uses .NET remoting technology.  The remoting service has three parts:  The executable, the dll, and the ini file to tell the service where the data is that it needs to get.  I have taken the srvany.exe file and the instrv.exe files and placed them into c:\windows\system32\

I then created the service and made the appropriate registry changes.  The service started without a problem.  Ok, here is the weird part.  The files for the service are on the E drive of the computer.  The executable is designed so that if no INI file exists, it should create one.  When I start the service, it does not see the INI file in the same folder with the executable and the DLL, so it goes to create one.... But it places it in the c:\windows\system32\ folder.  Of course, the client can not connect because this ini file does not have the appropriate data.  However, if I copy an INI file into the c:\windows\system32\ folder, the client functions properly.  All the while, the service is not giving any error messages at any time.  Is this an issue with Srvany.exe?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

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I believe now that this is a service, it will look for the ini in the system path.  This would explain why it chose System32.

You can try adding the path to the exe and dll into the system variable's path.  


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This is likely because the srvany.exe service runs from the system32 directory and the working path for anything it starts will be set to system32 as well.

I do not see any way to add configuration to the service to tell it to look somewhere else for an INI file.

Dave Dietz

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